Our Classes

All our classes are geared toward educating students in the art of dance, tumbling, and piano in a positive, nurturing environment in a way of ensuring retention of material and ability to move on from their school environment class into a studio setting seamlessly. Students will learn proper technic of their chosen artform, along with the theory behind the art and the history. It is our mission to expose every student to all aspects of their artform empowering them to become a complete artist well-versed in their art.  


Ballet is the cornerstone of all dance. Our one hour a week classes will offer students an opportunity to learn Classical Ballet technique.

Dance Classes


This is a one hour a week class filled with footwork. Dancers will learn how to create rhythmic sound with their feet.


In this one hour Jazz class, students will learn Jazz dance technique while building strength and flexibility. They will also learn perfomrance techniques.

Competition Teams

Our dance competition teams will develop the ability to perform as a team. They will learn to dance as one and compete in several competition.

Piano Lessons


Piano students have two options for lesson: In Person or Online lessons. Lessons are conducted the same regardless of the choice you make. Pre-school age students will work from a three book piano series and elementary and older students will work from a lesson book chosen by the teacher to suit the student's personality and work ethic and a hand drill book. All repretoire will be provided by your instructor unless the student finds a repretoire book they prefer to work from. Students may chose from 30 minute a week lessons or 1 hour a week lessons. All online lessons are conducted via Skype or FaceTime.


Tumbling students develop flexibilty, upper and lower body strength, and mastery of basic tumbling/gymnastics tricks.